Thursday, November 19, 2015

I don't blog, but when I do, I don't care

I was late with my last three blog posts because I started to not care.  I just wasn't interested.  As my grade starts to finalize and I'm finishing up on my assignments, I'm started to get a little lazy.  On my astronomy camping trip with Brian, my science teacher, I through myself into astrophotography, and only slept 45 minutes in one night.  After doing that, I got some of the best photos of Orion's nebula my teachers had ever seen and it allowed me to get into a jammed packed astronomy intersection and I've found a new passion, star photos!  By throwing myself into the camping trip, I got a more chances and great photos.  I know if I throw myself into everything I do and seize every moment, my life will be amazing.
By throwing ,myself into something, I was able to get something out of it, but when I didn't, I missed an opportunity.  I made the mistake half trying, and I've learned that I should throw myself into things I do.  By that, I threw myself into astro photography.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Do the Monster Mess

My organization has a mess ever since the bell ringed my young ears in size two shoes in kindergarten.  I always had my papers everywhere and an organization system lasted until the teacher let me go to break and I'd stuff all my papers in the front of my binder to be first.  This year I have found a great way of organization and efficiency when I'm hurting and/or throwing papers around.  They're called my crocks (crocodile clips).  There is a crock for each class, color coated, and all the things I need to do in each class is in those crocks.  It's easy and quick.  When you pull them out to work, they don't just fly everywhere, they stay in there designed piles.  It's the  fullfiling to know that I finally succeeded to the hundreds of times I've told my teacher that I will get organized.
When I made the mistake of not fixing my organization, my grades drooped, but as I became more organized, I learned, my grades started to bloom again.

F team

My grade right now is an F.  The reason why is because of organization.  With assignment #8, I finished all up (besides two problems), put in my binder, and didn't turn it in.  I've done this all my life.  I get something done, and I never do anything with it.  I was disorganized.  My binder was a mess along with my head.  I didn't know when things were due, I never turned anything in, and I hardly ever wrote my blog posts.  Now with my grade this low I'm starting to work harder and I've become more organized.
I have learned never to put myself in a situation where I have to climb out because I didn't try my hardest, and now, after trying my best, it made my grade grow dramatically.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hitch Hikers Guide to Mr. Ko's and Brian's galaxy class

In week something, pretty deep in, we had a planetary sheet where we had to find the volume and diameter with only the mass and density.  I only used a calculator and did not show my work.  I've had that problem forever.  I showed Adam to get checked off,  but he said to show my work.  I had almost all of them wrong and I had to redo all of them.  I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong on the calculator, that's why I need to show my work.  Math class is getting a lot of sheets.  Were learning by packets instead of bumping into a problem in a project and then learning it then.  But, hey, we're still doing projects.
I learned that I need to communicate my assignments and thoughts more articulately and now when I do that I do better, I grew.

Friday, October 2, 2015

I'm craving some STEWardship

In the last week, we got payed in the stewardship project.  Every month we spin a life wheel. You might land on new braces or need a new refrigerator, or anything like that.  Out of ten spaces, nine of them cost money.  Some more some less.  We all walk up to the computer and spin the wheel.  I landed on something that costed $150.  I started talking to people and hanging out before I got on a computer and logged on to  I logged in, made a direct payment to RECREATIONAL(Government), and payed them $350.  I have a focusing problem.  I need to learn to be able to sit down and just work without wondering.  I mean writing this sentence, I'm like half into my story.  This took me an hour since I'd opened the computer.  I'm not joking.  At least that's what my mom said.  I don't focus on time, so what I think what I may do is time myself on the assignments.  Two people had recommended that to me in one day.  I think I'll use it.  Or this blog might take my whole week up.
I learned that I need to focus to get work done.  I fixed that and grew when I wrote a paper.
SLC's  are coming up, and this is something my mom will defiantly bring up.  SLC's are when all your teachers meet up with you and parent or parents and they talk about the next half of the semester.  I hope I am able to explain to them why I do it.  I just start to think about something and I can't stop, I just keep on that train of thought.  I like to imagine and dream, that's why i think of ridiculous project plans.  If I get into something, and get really exited about it, it's a guaranty I'll focus.  And with early morning church class (seminary), my mind is always tired throughout the day. I hope to find a good solution these problems I have.  Less focus, Mo Problems.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Adam Ko Ko Puff

In week one, Adam, my first high school math teacher, kept mentioning mistakes.  Excessively.  How it's alright to make mistakes and how we all do it.  He mentioned it a lot.  I felt someone what comforted, but mainly I'd heard it so many times that I kind of got sick of it.  But it's set a mood in the classroom.  A mood where people are more comfortable with there own ideas and the way they think.  He lets us do the work in the classroom, doesn't lecture and tell us "This is how it's done", and that's forced me on my own, and that is the field where I've made mistakes.  Throughout the week, would work on something get it wrong, and redo it.  Rewire and rethink the problem at hand.  For example, with the spaghetti tower (yes, I know, it's cliche), we spent the entire time discussing about what we should do and didn't build much, we only built for a 30 seconds.  But in the second round, we got 43.5 inches, spending the entire time building, examining, talking it over, and keep building.  If we only did it the first round, we would have never been able to make it better.   We learned that without mistakes, we can't learn.  Which sometimes is hard to stomach, because math is a very right and wrong subject.  This is one of the first times I've struggled in math in a long time, and I'm hoping I can learn this lesson fast, you need mistakes to learn.  I grew because I know how to take mistakes failures well.

Math Class, Kom on

Hi folks, welcome to my math blog.  In 2nd grade, I stunk in my math class.  I didn't get anything.  My mom was so worried about me.  She was so worried, that she put me in Kumon.  Which if you want to see it through a kids eyes, hell.  Hell in a three page math packet everyday, every week, and weekly get them signed off at the Kumon store.  And if you didn't get them right, you spent either 2 minutes or three hours fixing what you got wrong.  It was so sad there.  So sad that the logo even had a sad face in the O.
Image result for kumon Not that I'm throwing it under the bus.  I mean, I was always one the top math kids in my class because of it.  Always one of the, not the top, it made me mad.  Not anymore.  On one of the last days of school in 5th grade, a teacher casually mentions at the very end of the day the placement test to see if you could skip a grade in math when you entered middle school.  The "smarter" class who did 7th grade math in 6th.  When I brought home the test with a low score and my mom figured out what it was, she called my x-Kumon teacher and the middle school for some studying and a redo.  Honestly, I can hardly remember studying at all.  The only thing I remember very clearly is repeating equations trying to memorize them (hardly remember that), and then trying to get a bee out of there trampoline and getting stung, limping out of there house while thanking them.  They were very nice.  I went to the middle school office in the summer, got put in someones office, and I finished the test.  I barely passed.  Throughout the 6th grade year, I memorized equations, flipped pages of 100 lb books, and wrote down answers on tests and assignments.  And then I moved to San Diego.  I tried to get into a higher math class, but they wouldn't let me.  No test.  They just didn't have that as an option.  So I re-did 7th grade math. The only really good thing I was good at was the packets.  But when it came to applying that math with other math to try to solve a problem, I had not done that enough.  High Tech High is a project based learning school.  That is the school I go to now.  It not only teaches me the math, but how to use it.  Isn't that the purpose of school?